Net Zero Energy Transition Week

Flexibility in Great Britain was launched at the Carbon Trust Net Zero Energy Transition Week in May 2021. The programme of virtual events explored the crucial steps necessary to deliver a smart and flexible net zero energy system and attracted over 1,500 attendees. Energy transition thought leaders and key industry players discussed a range of topics, including the 2050 net zero challenge, the role of smart technology, infrastructure development and co-ordination and the need for a whole systems approach.

Download the agenda.

Watch recordings from the event below.


Day 1 - Opening remarks, Tom Delay, the Carbon Trust

Day 1 - Keynote, Dan Hamza Goodacre

Day 1 - Keynote, Richard Smith, Ofgem

Day 1 - Keynote, Baroness Brown of Cambridge

Day 1 - Launch of Flexibility in Great Britain

Day 2 - Keynote, Chris Stark, CCC

Day 2 - 2050 net zero challenge panel

Day 2 - Keynote, Danny Pudjianto, Imperial College

Day 2 - Role of smart technology panel

Day 3 - Infrastructure co-ordination panel

Day 3 - Keynote, Matt Hastings, InnovateUK

Day 3 - Whole system approach

Day 3 - Closing remarks, Andrew Lever, the Carbon Trust

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